About Jean

Jean is a painter graduated from the Herron School of Art
in Indiana (2008). He works mainly with oil painting and
various drawing mediums. His works consist of a wide
range of subject matter such as the human figure,
landscape/cityscape, still-life, and abstractions. However,
he is especially fond of figurative works.

Currently, Jean is working with ideas and images inpired
by his trip to his native country Viet Nam. These works are
almost like collages; they combine many representational
images  and abstractions into one complete work. These
works symbolize the thought process that goes on in a
person's mind; the ideas, images, and symbols that enter
and exit our mind continually throughout a day or even just
a moment. The images are like memories and notes jot
down in a journal; records of things seen and missed.
Moments of significance comes up clearly while others
fade away through the continuous overlapping of new